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If you’re looking for a very natural and organic look for your patio, Flagstone is the way to go. Its coloring variations give it a classic and ageless look. We offer an array of options with a choice of Sawcut, Thermal, and Natural Cleft Split finished edges. Our most popular selling Flagstone is PA Bluestone, which is a blueish grey sandstone that is found mostly in Northeastern PA and New York. One of its most appealing features is a non-slip surface, perfect for withstanding the harsh winter storms we often have up north. It does, however, require sealing to preserve its color and protect against potential damage, such as stains and scratches.

All of our Flagstone are sold by the square foot with the exception of our Irregular Flagstone which is sold by the pound or by the pallet. For questions or more information on Flagstone, feel free to ask our expert staff about our collection.

Available in 1”- 4” thicknesses with face ranges of 2’to 4’. Coverage area ranges from 75 to 125 sq. ft/ton. Coverage will depend on the material used and the thickness of the material. In stock items are PA Full Color, PA Lilac, and Laurel Mountain. All pallets are sold by the pound except for the smaller Retail Pallets. Regular sized full pallets range from 2500 to 3600 lbs. Retail Pallets cover approx 50 to 75 sq ft and weigh approx. 1500lbs. Retail Pallets are sold by the full pallet only.

Natural Wall Stone

Natural Wall Stone has a rustic look and comes in various gray, brown, blue, green, salmon, and lilac mix color. Natural Wall Stone is irregularly shaped with various thicknesses. It can be difficult to work with, but the end result is beautiful despite the challenge. Our Natural Wall Stone is sold by the pound, quarter pallet, half pallet, and full pallet to help fit your needs.

Full pallets of Natural Wall Stone covers approximately 22.5 cu. ft. and weigh approximately 2800-3200 lbs.
Half pallets cover approximately 11 cu ft. and weigh approximately 1500lbs. Small Retail Pallets are available and cover approx. 3 cu. ft. and weigh approximately 500lbs. In stock items of Natural Wall Stone are Laurel Mountain, Colonial Grey, PA Fieldstone, Pocono Blend and Tumbled Colonial Bluestone.

Decorative and Limestone Boulders

4 Seasons Garden Center offers Decorative and Limestone Boulders in various shapes and sizes. They can be used for walls or for decorating in the landscape. Our in-stock collection of Decorative Boulders includes Feather Rock, Barn Red, West Mountain and Arctic White. Others types of Decorative Stone can be special ordered. Our Decorative Stone is sold by the pound. Our selection of Limestone Boulders vary in size from small handpicked sizes to larger sizes that require heavy machinery to move. Our Limestone Boulders are sold by the size.

Other Items to Consider

Concrete Sand
2A Modified

Pavers/Wall Systems

Cambridge Paving Stones

4Seasons Garden Center is a proud distributor of Cambridge products. Whether it’s a patio, retaining wall, fireplace or other outdoor feature, it is a substantial investment in your home and an important decision toward improving your quality of life.

Please visit our sales yard to view our in-stock line of Cambridge products or click on Cambridge logo to view their vast selection and very informative website. Custom ordering is available at 4Seasons Garden Center. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom order deliveries.

Before & After

Before & After

Photos courtesy of Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec.

Why Choose Cambridge?


Cambridge paving stones and wall stones are made to last due to their exclusive manufacturing process which includes ArmorTec. ArmorTec is a PROVEN formula that is applied or is “made into” the top 3/8” of every Pavingstone. This addition creates a lasting, smooth, dense surface while securing a rich color for years to come. Visit the Cambridge website and see for yourself actual photos of this proven technology!

Fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty

Be a smart shopper and even better buyer with this “free” protection plan. Cambridge Pavers Inc offers a fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty to you, the homeowner. Protect the resale value of your home or simply give yourself the peace of mind knowing you have one of the best protection plans on the market. Please visit the Cambridge website and locate the Our Warranty tab on the left side of their Homepage for more details.

Start Small… Think Big

Let’s face it -installing a patio, walkway, retaining wall or other outdoor project takes time and money. With the durable ArmorTec technology that gives you lasting color and uses protection of your paver or wall stone, you can take the worry out of completing your project all at one time. Armortec gives you the option to add on square footage or other amenities in different stages according to your schedule or budget.

Concrete Paving Stones

From building a new patio to accenting your landscaping, Concrete Paving Stones are durable and easy to install. Choose from various shapes and sizes in our Concrete Paving Stone selection.

Stepping Stones

Whether you are looking for circular, rectangular, or irregular stepping stones 4Seasons has what you are looking for! We have a nice of selection of various colors, shapes and sizes.

Other Items to Consider

Paver Restraint
Paver Sand
Polymeric Sand
Wet Forget Icon
Sealer Product

Breeo Fire Pits

Nothing can replace the feel and warmth of real wood. Breeo’s line of smoke less fire pits allows you to enjoy your time around the fire with family and friends even more. No more musical chairs around the fire trying to get away from the smoke. Breeo’s fire pits are designed to fit any new or existing paver, patio, or stone fire pit. They also come with a great selection of accessories for outdoor cooking. Visit for a complete list of options.

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