Photos courtesy of Cambridge Pavingstones and Millcreek Landscape Design.

Make the outdoors a beautiful extension of your home

Create Your Own

Relaxing outdoor Getaway

Have some fun and test your own creativity, design, and building skills or ask us for a list of creative, quality-driven hardscape landscapers. From paving stones to limestone boulders, The hardscape landscapers at 4 Seasons Garden Center is here to help you every step of the way.

Side view of backyard with homes in background, lots of grass.Millcreek After 1
Before image of home backyard before work with thick and dry grass.Millcreek After 2

Photos courtesy of Millcreek Landscape Design.

Pavers / wall system


Paving Stones

4 Seasons Garden Center is a proud distributor of Cambridge products. Whether it’s a patio, retaining wall, fireplace or other outdoor feature, it is a large investment in your home and a vital decision towards improving your quality of life.

Please visit our sales yard to view our in-stock line of Cambridge paving stones or click here to view their vast selection and helpful website. Custom ordering is available at 4Seasons Garden Center. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom order deliveries.